N.C.P.S, LLC employs experienced, trained uniformed armed and unarmed special police officers in providing services on protection, patrol and security with courtesy to meet the clients needs.

Chief Ronald J. Gross, Sr. is the Founder and President since he opened his security company in 2010.  Chief Gross served as a reserve officer for over 19 years with law enforcement, security agency and private sectors in both the District of Columbia and Southern Prince George's County Maryland.  

Our business size certifies the following classifications: 

Disadvantaged Small Business-

Special Police Officer Commissioned

O C Spray certified

Baton Certified

Handcuff Certified

Certified Private Investigator in the State of Maryland 
Licensed  EMT-B 

 Volunteered Fire Fighter trainee 

2014 Certified in Good Standing with the Department of Consumer Regulatory Affairs and Office of Tax and Revenue

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