Services Guaranteed

We offer services 24 hours a day, seven days a week and 365 days a year with the following:

Senior and retirement community living
Retail Store Security
Construction Site security
Shopping mall security and patrols
Restaurant security
Tavern, Bar and Pub security
Special event security
Financial Institutions security
Residential apartment security and patrols
School security and patrols
Commercial office security and patrols
Employee theft and fraud surveillances


Foot patrols
Vehicle patrols [ our security patrol vehicles are designed to resemble law enforcement vehicles with the same differences, yellow and white LED style light bars. It is intentionally done to help deter criminal activity].
Video monitoring
Crowd control
Attendance in weekly meeting with management of properties or facilities as a security representative
Greeting residents, customers and visitors
and provide 100%  Identification check

Supporting Our Troops

* In support of our veterans and military troops , we are currently involved with the Veterans Affairs Administration in hiring veterans with our company.*

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