"We take pride in our safety and the selection of a professional security company that believes our safety for the residents and staff is the number  one priority. Chief Gross and his team of officers protect us to the fullest. Thank you for being here".
Fort Lincoln Senior Village I and II, DC
“Truly on A+ group of officers that are well trained, professional and friendly. Good work Chief Gross on the excellence services you have provided to my residents and their visitors!”
Ms. Shavonne, Office Assistant- Wesley House, DC
" Officer Robinson provides us with hard work and maintains professionalism and we are gratefully happy with the services provided by New Columbia Protective Services".
Jonathan, Property Manager Georgia Ave. N.W., LLC
"Your company goes above and beyond for our members and visitors  in keeping us safe, so we thank you and your staff for the good work and service. We hope to keep your services with us and we like having you.  Thanks Chief!"
Gwenn, Manager Columbia Lodge #85, DC

Our professional clients we service with:
                                      Horning Brothers
The Wesley House
Huntwood Courts
Hanover Courts
Vesta Management Corporation
Georgia Ave. N.W., LLC
Garfield Park Reservation
Walbraff Apartments
Fort Lincoln Senior Village I and II Associates 
                                       Vesta Avalon LLC
                                       Columbia Lodge #85 
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